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+ Healthy Foods. Local Farmers.Community. Sustainability.Buy Local. Eat Fresh.5 Markets.

Fresh fruit, yes. Fresh vegetables, yes. Imaginative crafts, yes.

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Each week growers, bakers and artisans gather to offer the freshest and finest. At Boulters 5280 Urban Market, you buy directly from the producer…the person who grew it or made it or knows it and can tell you how to best cook, use and enjoy it.

We have four markets around town on different days of the week so be sure you check our calendar.

Fruit, vegetables, bread, coffee, tea, pottery, linens and more await.

Top Reasons to Come to Our Market

Fresh and delicious produce. Growers who work hard year round to offer products you love.

The food. There’s lots to choose from if you get hungry at the market which you probably will.

Supporting local business. Your money is going straight to them and likely a small business.

The vendors. Each one has their own personality which makes the market more lively and fun.

Be a part of Boulter’s Market
as a vendor or customer.

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