About Omar's Gourmet Dog Treats

Our dog treats are simple, wheat-free, high-quality, and tasty. Being made with ingredients that you can read, they are very healthy for your pup. While Omar is our official treat tester, we try one from every batch to ensure they meet the quality and standards we are looking for.

Our Products

Chicken Feet

6 CT
Ingredients: Chicken Feet
Moisture: 16.66%
Protein (crude): 47.66%
Fat (crude): 21.40%
Fiber (crude): 0.56%

Chicken Jerky

3 oz.
Ingredients: Chicken Breast
Moisture: 12.69%
Protein (crude): 79.72%
Fat (crude): 7.00%
Fiber (crude): 0.23%

Sweet Potato Jerky

3 oz.
Ingredients: Sweet Potato
Moisture: 10.09%
Protein (crude): 9.33%
Fat (crude): 0.99%
Fiber (crude): 4.08%

Cheeseburger Jerky

3 oz.
Ingredients: Ground Beef, Cheddar Cheese
Moisture: 16.24%
Protein (crude): 59.36%
Fat (crude): 22.52%
Fiber (crude): 0.53%

Pig Ear Strips

3 oz.
Ingredients: Pig Ear

"Made with love for the Dog you love."

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